Mayaland Prague is part of the POP Airport outlet and entertainment centre.

Fantastic fun like your children
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The largest indoor amusement park in Bohemia with an area of 9,000 m2 features impressive attractions including a 220-metre long roller coaster with a height difference of 9 metres. Now you can also have fun with your children outside on 7 more attractions. The outdoor area of 4,000 m2 is open weather permitting from April to October.

At the entrance to Mayaland, children will love the Mayaland Shop full of beautiful toys, books and board games. In the Maya the Bee Theatre children can enjoy an entertaining programme and get to meet Maya the Bee in person. In the unique Maya’s Restaurant they will find all their favourite foods and you can even give your children an unforgettable birthday party in the fairy-tale Mayaland.

In addition to Mayaland, at POP Airport you can also have a great time in the one-of-a-kind Dinosauria Museum Prague with original dinosaur skeletons up to 154 million years old, unbelievably realistic life-size models and a unique collection of minerals containing 6,000 exhibits. More fun also awaits you in the unique Engine Classic Cars Gallery exhibition with more than 200 cars and motorcycles from iconic makes. As well as entertainment at POP Airport, you can also have a great time shopping. The POP Airport outlet has more than 80 shops with hundreds of brands where you can shop at discounts of 30 to 80 % every day. Shop it up, live it up!

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Theme rides

That’s quite the ride! Fly on a butterly swing with a sixteen-meter flight path. Ride down a slide that’s thirty meters long and nine high. And swish at dizzying speed through the land of Vicky the Viking on an indoor roller coaster. That’s just a taste of the adventure you have in store!


Maya’s restaurant

Welcome to the most entertaining buffet for miles around. Inside this giant tree, your whole family can enjoy delicious soup, classic Czech meals, hamburgers, and salads too. Or just buzz in for hot or cold drinks. And if you have a sweet tooth, we have ice cream, slushies, and other desserts.


Mayaland shop

You’ll be in seventh heaven at our toy shop! Buy all your favorite animated characters from the theme park here. Can’t bear leaving Maya, Willy, or Vicky behind? Take your favorite animated character home as a memento of your fantastic day at Mayaland.


Concerts and performances

Want to enjoy some fantasy fun? Stop by Maya’s Theater. In the beautiful amphitheater with a magical atmosphere you can look forward to concerts and theater performances. So keep an eye on our news to make sure you don’t miss a performance by famous names of children’s entertainment. But that’s not all! You can also meet Maya here in person.


Birthday parties

A birthday party at Mayaland is a dream come true for every birthday girl and boy—and their friends. And they’ll meet Maya and her friends in person, have a great time, join in contests, dance, and sing, and take home unforgettable experiences. At Mayaland, dreams become reality, and a sparkle in your children’s eyes is guaranteed.


The Bee University

Did you know that it would be impossible to live in our world without bees? We would lose most of our fruit and a lot of our vegetables, and other fruits would be a lot smaller. Why? Without pollination by bees, many plants wouldn’t be able to bear fruit at all. That’s why it’s so important to protect bees and know as much about them as possible. In our Bee University, you’ll get to know bees up close in a fun way.


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