Mayaland won the international Golden Pony ® Award (GPA)

Mayaland won the international Golden Pony ® Award (GPA)

In the category: excellence in the leisure industry

The Golden Pony ® Award (GPA) is organized by the Games&Parks Industry Magazine and is awarded to entertainment industry entities such as various types of theme parks, water parks, fairground operators to attraction suppliers, industry personalities and many other types of business that have gradually entered to the entertainment market: indoor and outdoor family entertainment centers, multifunctional game rooms, cinema complexes, experiential shopping centers, sports facilities, interactive entertainment centers and others.

When awarding the prize, talent or innovation, relationship with customers, compliance with one's own tradition or brilliant separation from the group, whether international or national, are taken into account. local level. It also extends to small and medium-sized businesses and professionals working at a cutting edge in less developed geographies or within limited budgets.

Since the first year, which took place in 2002 in Rimini (Italy), the event has grown and today the prestige of the GPA is undisputed and internationally recognized.

The international Golden Pony ® Award (GPA) for excellence in the leisure sector was also awarded to Majaland Praha in 2022. The award for Majaland was accepted by Otto Jerman (Entertainment&Services Director) and Miroslav Ducháč (COO Majaland Prague).

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