We care about the fate of our planet. That’S why all our actionS are leading to a SuStainable future and environmental protection.

At POP Airport, we realize that the future is now. That’s why we are constantly looking for solutions that are more environmentally friendly and head towards long-term sustainability. We believe that the steps we take now will help protect our planet for generations to come. We are focusing on renewable energy – building solar panels on the roofs of our centre. We try to eliminate our environmental impact as much as possible by recycling thoroughly. We support electromobility, which is greener. We use educational programmes to teach children the importance of thinking about the future of humanity in the context of our planet’s long history. We also want to be a good neighbour that takes care of their surroundings. That’s why we plant trees and perennial beds. Contributing to environmental protection is one of our strategies.

Solar panelS

We have inStalled 1,100 Solar panelS, 1,800 more to follow

More than 1,100 solar panels have covered the roof of Mayaland, the largest indoor amusement park in the Czech Republic. With a total output of 500 kW, they produce 70 per cent of all the energy consumed in the park. Thanks to the total investment of more than CZK 11 million, it will not be necessary to use energy from the public grid the production of which would require burning 120 tonnes of coal in a conventional coal-fired power plant. This means that Mayaland is almost self-sufficient in energy.

1,100 Solar panelS on the Mayaland roof

The solar panels on the Mayaland roof are definitely not our last step. In the coming months, we will be installing more solar panels on the POP Airport roof. The size of the POP Airport roof will allow us to install another 1,800 solar panels, which will enable us to generate 70 per cent of the electricity we consume at POP and Dinosauria Museum Prague.


otto Jerman

“Mayaland is visited by up to 2,000 children and their parents every day – they can enjoy 13 attractions in a roofed hall covering over 9,000 square metres. Since operational efficiency is crucial for us, the investment of more than CZK 11 million in solar panels is logical. We expect a payback period of approximately five years. But money is not the main thing. Thanks to the solar power plant, we save the environment. We don’t have to take the amount of energy from the grid the production of which in a coal-fired power station would require 120 tonnes of coal, 8 million litres of water and 215 tonnes of carbon dioxide. POP Airport’s roof is even bigger than that of Mayaland. This allows us to install another 1,800 panels so we will be able to generate approximately 70 per cent of the electricity consumed by the outlet centre and Dinosauria Museum Prague.”


We have built 25 charging StationS for electric carS

We have built 25 charging stations for electric vehicles We support the greening of transport, which is why we have built 25 charging stations for electric vehicles in cooperation with ČEZ. Drivers of electric cars can conveniently charge their electric cars in our outdoor and indoor parking lots.

Did you know that...
Great acceleration when starting and overtaking, low consumption and emission-free operation are a matter of course in an electric car. You'll pay less than 50 cents per kilometre driven (depending on the mileage and charging method). Compared to conventional powertrains, you drive at a fraction of the cost. Electric car batteries can handle hundreds of thousands of recharges. And when they run out of life, the emerging battery market will allow you to buy them back and at the same time make a significant contribution to the purchase of a new battery.

moSt charging StandS for electric carS in the czech republic

Charge your electric car without waiting in the POP Airport shopping centre, which, in cooperation with ČEZ, the operator of the largest Czech network of public charging stands, has installed a total of 20 new charging stations in the internal car park at entrance C. Two electric cars can refuel at each of them at the same time. The existing five charging stations in the car park in front of POP Airport have been joined by new public charging stands. In total, the charging hub in Tuchoměřice can supply emission-free energy to fifty electric cars at the same time.


We plant greenery

We feel a great responsibility when it comes to the environment. We take great care to make sure that there is plenty of greenery around our outlet and entertainment centre. We plant trees and perennial beds.

We recycle

We also pay a lot of attention to waste sorting. At POP Airport, we separate and sort cardboard, paper and plastic from the waste generated both by our gastro operation and by visitors to the park. Biological gastro waste is handed over for secondary use in the biogas plant. We also organically collect used cooking oil for further processing and use.

We educate

At POP Airport, we also focus on education leading to environmental protection. We organize attractive educational programmes for school classes and other groups of people that visit Dinosauria Museum Prague and Mayaland in large numbers.

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.”  a statement attributed to Albert Einstein


bee educational trail

At Dinosauria Museum Prague, we acquaint visitors with facts from the long history of our planet. The more perceptive ones will surely realize how negligible the stage of humanity is in this history and ask themselves whether we are doing our best to preserve humanity or, on the contrary, everything we can to end up like the dinosaur exhibits in the museum.


hiStory of the planet

At Mayaland, we are working on an educational bee trail for children and their parents to popularize the topic of bees and beekeeping in the context of the environment, biodiversity and sustainability. Visitors can explore the fascinating world of bees and beekeepers in a playful and modern way and learn important facts about the life of this endangered species.  Bees are dying out all over the world so it is time to realize what the consequences may be. A significant amount of the crops grown by our farmers depend on bee pollination. If plants were deprived of pollination, we would lose up to three-quarters of our food supply. So if we want to preserve all the plants, smells and colours of the world, the bee must survive.

,,The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it."