Refreshments inside Mayaland

Maya’s restaurant

Come take a look at our fairy-tale menu. What are you hungry for? How about a fillet? Pasta? Chicken nuggets? A hot dog? Pizza? Dessert? Or something completely different? Take your pick...- In the Maya’s restaurant we prepare food for adults and children's portions for small diners.

MO-SU: 10:00-19:00 food, 10:00-19:30 drinks

Refreshments in the outdoor areas of Mayaland

Dizzy’s Sweet Shop

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you’ll feel like you’re in heaven at Dizzy’s Sweet Shop. We have lots of scoop ice cream and sundaes, you can enjoy waffles and pancakes, and savour cookies and candies. A variety of smoothies and shakes will keep you refreshed. So what can we get you? And tell your mum and dad that Dizzy’s Sweet Shop by the fancy pink helicopter also serves fabulous iced coffee or frappé.

Refreshments in the outdoor areas of Mayaland

Jett’s Bistro

You’ll get incredibly hungry on our fantastic attractions! So fly over to Jett’s Bistro. We serve fast food at jet speed. No wonder! There’s Jett nearby, controlling everything. This cute little globetrotter delivers packages to children all over the world. In our bistro, we’ll deliver you a hot dog, baguette, chips with cheese, tortilla, potato pancakes, burgers, draught soft drink and much more. What will you take off with?

Special offer in the Maya’s restaurant

Gingerbread cake by Mirka van Gils Slavikova

Have you tasted our delicious Gingerbread Cake, which can only be purchased in Mayaland? An original cake made from first-class, honest ingredients by our favourite pastry chef Mirka van Gils Slavikova. The cake is based on gingerbread flavour, honey, candied fruit, with a good dose of nuts and chocolate, and is decorated with cute bees and honeycombs.

Birthday party

You can also celebrate your birthday in the Maya’s restaurant