The Bee University

Unbelievable! If bees disappeared from planet Earth, people would apparently only have four years to live. Why? A large number of crops depend on bee pollination. That’s why we need to learn about bees and protect them. In our Bee University, you’ll get to know bees up close in a fun way. You’ll walk our educational bee trail and test your knowledge in a fun quiz.

minutes of narration
educational topics
beautiful illustrations
The journey to knowledge

Educational bee trail

Walk our unique educational trail to learn all about the fascinating world of bees. There are 5 educational topics: the bee, the bee ony and life in the beehive, honey and bee products, beekeeping, the importance of bees and conservation. Don't worry, it's not boring! You'll understand everything with ease thanks to the beautiful illustrations and clear text. So come and find out why bees are so indispensable for our planet and why we must protect them. (Note: For now, only in the Czech language

Want to know more?

Narrator Tony the Drone

Do you love looking at pictures but even more enjoy listening to stories? Do you want to learn more detailed information about bees? Scan the QR codes on your mobile phone during your walk along our educational bee trail and listen to the engaging narration of one of the bee hive inhabitants - Tony the Drone. You'll hear all the facts about the life of bees first hand. You can't meet a more entertaining guide than Tony the Drone. He speaks with the amazing voice of Martin Dejdar, one of the most popular Czech actors. (Note: For now, only in the Czech language)

Test your knowledge

Educational fun quiz

Do you enjoy puzzles and quizzes? Are you willing to engage your mind a little more and think? Then you'll love our educational fun quiz. Where can you find it? At every attraction at Mayaland! How many eggs does a queen bee lay in a year? Which bee doesn't have a sting? What are bee dances? And much more! Want to shine with the right answer? Then memorise as much information as you can along the bee trail, get a printed quiz at the Mayaland Info Centre and fill it in like a busy bee! 

Hooray, I got it!

Tony the Drone’s certificate

Phew! Filling in the quiz was no mean feat, but you're smart, so you certainly managed to tick all the correct answers. Just to be sure, check that you haven't missed anything and fly to the Mayaland Info Centre to find the correct answers to all the questions in no time. But remember: no stress! It doesn't matter if you didn't guess it right somewhere, because you'll still get our special Tony the Drone's certificate. We swear! And if you're still not sure about something, walk our educational trail again.