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Yes, our customers can use the POP shuttle bus for free. It runs regularly every day from the bus stop from the Prague metro line A, station Bořislavka. Detailed description and timetable can be found HERE.

The entrance gate to Majaland is the Majaland Shop located inside the POP Airport centre near entrance C. From the Majaland Shop, you can then get through the tunnel to the Majaland theme park.

Parking is easy at Mayaland, as it's part of the POP Airport complex. You have access to 2,400 indoor parking spots.

 The park can be accessed by wheelchair accessible elevator. If you take a carriage with you into the park, please ensure make sure never to leave it in a place where it blocks the emergency exits or the ride entries or otherwise hinders other guests.

No. Only assistance dogs are allowed in. Please leave your pets at home.

All the rides at Mayaland are of top quality and come from renowned manufacturers, and our highly trained technicians check them every day. We ensure that our rides are operated correctly, safely, and in accord with our approved instructions.

The park's ground floor can be reached using barrier-free elevator. Entry to selected attractions is only possible if a wheelchair user is seated at the attraction by his or her escort. The attractions cannot be accessed in a wheelchair.

Yes-but for safety reasons, the use of selfie sticks is disallowed. A GoPro camera may only be used if you have a chest harness that ensures the camera is held securely. Photos and video may only be taken for personal purposes.

We recommend comfortable and practical clothing and shoes for yourself and your children so that you can enjoy all the park's rides fully and safely.

Yes! You can buy a discounted annual ticket to our park, but you have to buy it personally at Mayaland Shop where we have to take a photo of you for an annual card.

Yes! Gift vouchers are available for purchase at the cash desk of the Mayaland Shop, or online at our website here.

Yes! The attractions are free of charge. The only limit for the entry is a child's height. More here.

Yes! The entry to the individual attraction is permited by kid's height. Children are measured with shoes on. More here.

Children of all ages go wild in Mayaland. We have attractions for smaller and bigger children, mostly from 2 to 14 years of age. And parents can have fun with their children too. Only three attractions - the Bumper Cars, Boats and the Balloon Lake - have any height restrictions, meaning that adults can enjoy all the rest.

Every yearly pass is issued to a specific person, and thus the information you enter needs to be checked in person. We also need to take your picture in person.

Both tickets and gift vouchers expire on December 31st, 2023.

No, but you can buy anything in POP outlet stores and we will give you 100 CZK off for your visit to Majaland and Dinosauria Museum Prague. More information HERE.

On weekdays, the attractions are operated in two modes – permanent and alternating. Some attractions are open throughout the opening hours, e.g. Roller Coaster, Flying Frogs, Vic Slide, Maya the Bee Playground, Balloon Lake and Climbing Tree. The other attractions (Dinosaur Merry-Go-Round, Bumper Cars, Falling Leaf, Swinging Tree, Dancing Flower, Butterfly Merry-Go-Round) alternate in pairs at approximately 30-minute intervals, with information hours at each attraction as to when the next ride starts. During an average visit, you won’t miss any attraction and there are always attractions available at the same time for all age groups represented.

There are lockers available at Mayaland, but their capacity is limited. For this reason, we recommend that you leave your jackets, coats and other outerwear in your car if possible. Thank you.

Do you have any question or problem with your online ticket? Just contact us on Please prepare your email which you have used during the shopping process.

That is obviously up to you. There are, however, far more slots available on weekdays, meaning you can enjoy the attractions all the more. From Monday to Thursday you also get a birthday party at a better price.

Yes, you can. But you have to book at least the basic package for 10 guests (birthday kid+9 friends).

That, unfortunately, is not possible. The slot you have booked only covers 3 hours. After your slot has come to an end, we will get the table ready for another party. You can keep the party going, though, away from the table you booked, and enjoy the attractions at Mayaland until closing time.

Yes. Simply choose this in the booking . Our children’s entertainer will take the cake from you at the venue before the party and put it into the fridge.

You can park perfectly comfortably in the parking garage at POP Airport, of which Mayaland is a part. Parking is free, of course.

If you cancel your party less than 24 hours before it is supposed to begin, we will have to charge you a 100-% cancellation fee for any extra refreshments or cake you have ordered. Finding an alternative date for your party is free.

Unfortunately, these times are fixed and cannot change. Children have the opportunity to enjoy the attractions at the beginning of the party. We bring refreshments after 60 minutes and then the cake after 90 minutes.

Absolutely not. Adults can enjoy most of the attractions too. Trust us - it’s a real experience no matter what age you are. Parents can also pop into the outlet shops or enjoy entertainment in Dinosauria Museum Prague or Engine Classic Cars Gallery.

Tickets offered online are valid until 31. 12. 2023. Feel free to use it and visit our magic world of Maya the Bee full of fantastic attractions anytime you want. We look forward to see you.

The safety of your children, as well as the safety of other visitors, is always ount. For this reason, children cannot be allowed on any attraction unless they meet the height limit, even at their own risk. We strongly ask that you respect the safety precautions regarding the height limit for each attraction. Thank you for your understanding.

The Bumper boats are designed for children aged 3-12, who meet a height range of 0.96 m - 1.50 m. The attraction is hand-powered, so it requires a certain amount of physical fitness and sports activity. The attraction must not be used by persons with pacemakers, heart disease, persons whose health condition could deteriorate as a result of using the attraction.

Yes, this must be taken into account. In case of soaking, we will lend you spare clothes and ensure that the clothes dry in our dryer.

Yes, life jackets are mandatory for swimmers and non-swimmers throughout the ride to the attraction. There are 3 sizes of vests and the attraction staff will help you with the ion of the right one.

We are sorry but due to hygiene reasons you are not allowed to bring your own refreshments into the restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.

The basic birthday package also includes balloons, specifically ten air-filled Mayaland balloons on a stick and one Maya the Bee foil balloon. In addition to these balloons, you can also order a helium-filled balloon in the shape of the birthday number. Simply choose the number and colour in the form. Please do not bring any other balloons. 

Yes, we have rental lockers. However, we do recommend that you only bring with you whatever you really need - the capacity of the lockers is limited.

Yes, it's possible. You will receive the ID bracelet when you enter Mayaland. It will allow you to pop into outlet, Dinosauria or Engine Classic Cars Gallery and then come back afterwards.


Buy anything at the POP Airport outlet, stop by with the receipt at POP Airport Info Center and get CZK 100 discount on admission.
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