Get to know bees up close in a fun way

Bring your class to Mayaland to experience the most fun Bee University. Walk our educational bee trail with original illustrations and an engaging narration by Tony the Drone. Test your knowledge in an educational fun quiz. Pupils get discounted admission and teachers have free entry!

educational topics
original illustrations
199 Kč
discounted admission
Education is fun

Educational programme for nurseries and primary schools

Our Bee University is especially suitable for nurseries and primary schools, after-school groups, children's homes and special interest groups. Children will learn about the wonderful world of bees in a playful way. They will walk the educational bee trail enriched by a narration by Tony the Drone, speaking with the amazing voice of popular Czech actor Martin Dejdar. Test their knowledge in an educational fun quiz. 

A super discount for schools

Pupils with 50% discount, teachers free of charge

We have a discounted admission for pupils from Monday to Friday for only CZK 199. Depending on the number of pupils, teachers can get a free ticket. In addition, we offer all teachers the opportunity to come without pupils for an informative visit to see the educational bee trail and the Mayaland premises free of charge. If you want to come to this teacher tour, just register by calling 601 125 470 or email:

We won't let you starve

Children’s menu for the whole class

At Mayaland we'll handle not only the bee education for you, but the food as well. In Maya's restaurant you and your class can eat together just like in your school canteen. You only need to inform us of the number of seats required. You can choose your meal individually from the menu or simply book a single meal for everyone in advance. And if the children bring a snack with them, they can comfortably eat it in our picnic area.

Test of knowledge

Tony the Drone’s certificate

Education is fun at Mayaland. Children will learn lots of interesting things about bees through a unique bee trail. They will immediately test their newly acquired knowledge in an educational fun quiz at Mayaland's various attractions. And because we know how important it is to reward children for their efforts, they will receive a special bee certificate from Tony the Drone to take it home as a keepsake and to show it to their parents. (Note: For now, only in the Czech language)

A useful gift

Quality instructional materials

After your visit to Mayaland's bee trail, we'll send you professional instructional materials with useful information about the phenomenal bees in line with the primary school curriculum. We believe that the facts presented in an attractive way will awaken in children a deeper desire to learn about bees and will also make your teaching easier. The fact is that the topic of the importance of bees for our planet and their conservation is more relevant than ever. (Note: For now, only in the Czech language)