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Outdoor fun activity for the whole family

Multigolf is an innovative concept that brings three forms of golf together (soccer golf, disc golf, golf) in a way that no one has seen before. 

What is Disc golf?

Disc golf is an activity suitable for everyone. This game is very similar to golf, only instead of balls and a stick, the player uses plastic plates (frisbees). Each "hole" is designated by a TeePad – the place of the first throw and a special device for catching discs - a disc golf basket. The player who completes the course with the fewest throws becomes the winner.

What is Soccer golf?

Soccer golf is a sport that combines elements of soccer and golf. It is played in a similar way to golf (on golf courses), but with a soccer ball, which the players have to get into the big holes with the fewest number of kicks. It is mostly played over shorter distances, pars are typically 5 or less.

What is Golf?

Golf is a game that is played on a field with obstacles using sticks and a ball, but here it is a slightly different, here you will find floorball sticks with a floorball ball, but otherwise everything is exactly the same as in golf according to the established rules. The goal is to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible and beat the course or the opponent.

The multigolf course can be found on the grassy area opposite the main entrance "A" to POP Airport. Entrance to the filed is free.

Equipment can be rented at the Mayaland reception.

Multigolf equipment rental price list