We will handle gifts for you in seconds!

we will handle giftS for you in SecondS!

Is there a perfect gift that will not make a mistake and please everyone?

Treat your loved ones with original gift! Do they love shopping or prefer unique experiences? With POP gift vouchers, you gift all your loved ones and solve the gift ONLINE in a few seconds.

You can choose from a gift voucher to enter the world's unique Dinosauria Museum Prague, the largest indoor amusement park in the Czech Republic Mayaland, the breathtaking virtual game Dinosaurs VR or shopping in your favorite stores in POP.

You can buy gift vouchers online: Dinosauria Museum Prague, Dinosaurs VR, Majaland, shopping in POP stores. Or physically at the box office in Dinosauria Museum Prague, Mayaland Shop and POP information.

And the gifts are settled. Anytime.

redakce POP - 25.08.2023