Guided tours

Guided tours

Hear our skeletons’ fascinating stories

Are you a dino fan? Then don’t miss our guided tours led by palaeontologist Štěpán Pícha or one of his leagues. These tours are included in the regular ticket price. They run on weekends every hour on the hour. Our guides lead you through the whole museum, and their gripping and informed commentary provides a wealth of information and interesting facts about our skeletons.

Guided tours on weekdays for 5+ persons

Want to make the most of the museum and learn as much as you can about dinosaurs and their times? Reserve a guided tour by writing to at least three days before your planned visit. You can look forward to an one-hour journey into ages past, and you’ll be able to enjoy the museum individually afterwards. Recommended age: 6+. The maximum group size is 20 persons. The guided tour is included in the ticket price. 

More about Štěpán Pícha.

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