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For an unhurried look at all the exhibits, we recommend setting aside 1.5 to 2 hours for your visit.

Yes, we have a special offer for schools see For schools.

Yes, we provide entry discounts to persons with carrying proof of a disability. Also, assistants for disabled persons carrying proof of needing assistance may enter the museum for free.

The museum is open every day including the weekends and national holidays. (The price on national holidays is the same as on the weekends.) 

You may spend as much time on your tour as you need; the opening hours are the only limitation.

The ticket functions as a tax document under Czech law. However, if you do need for us to specifically issue an invoice, please contact us before making your ticket purchase, at this address:

Pets are not allowed into the museum. Only guide dogs can be excepted.

Parents bear responsibility for truthful statements of age from their children, and it is desirable for them to abide by all rules surrounding age limits for children.

There are different ticket categories at the museum, one of which is for children aged 6 to 18. For virtual reality, there is only one entrance fee regardless of the age of the player.

The recommended age limit for Dinosaurs VR is 8 years and 10 years for The Lost Lab. Younger children will not be discouraged, but it is a matter for consideration whether they will be comfortable visiting virtual games given the high degree of realism of the experience and the weight of the 1.5 kg goggles.

They cannot.

Tours with a paleontologist are held every Thursday. The first tour starts at 14:00 and the second at 17:00, on weekends at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00. If any changes occur in this respect, we will inform you via our website and social media.

Yes, you can reserve a guided tour for groups of five or more people on weekdays at this email address: You must make your reservation at least three days before your visit. You can look forward to a one-hour journey into ages past, and you'll be able to enjoy the museum individually afterwards. Recommended age: 6+. The maximum group size is 20 persons. The guided tour is included in the ticket price.

Yes, entry with a baby carriage is permitted. Additionally, the museum has a wheelchair-friendly entrance.

This is not necessary; you can prove your purchase using an electronic ticket you received via email and present it on your smartphone during your entry into the museum.

We recommend ages 4 and up. Thanks to its variety of topics and its high interactivity, the museum has something to offer all children from this age upwards. We also have a fun children's playground here for them named "Quetzi's Mountain."

If you buy a ticket to the museum online, you will avoid any queues at the ticket office and save time and money, but of course you can also buy tickets directly at the ticket office in the museum.

Yes. Dinosauria Museum Prague, a museum that's unique worldwide, is newly a part of POP Airport.

Yes! Gift vouchers are available for purchase at the cash desk of the Dino Shop, or online at our website here.

In the Dino Shop you can buy popular hand-painted Schleich figurines, dinosaurs and dragons, horses or farm animals. Legendary LEGO kit. We also offer creative and educational SES toys belonging to the absolute top of the world. Or board games, puzzles and quality Clementoni educational toys. If you are looking for something truly unique and original, we recommend exclusive pieces from our Dinosauria Museum Prague collection. We offer T-shirts, coloring books, memory games, pencils, snack boxes, bottles or even stuffed animals. But the offer of the Dino Shop does not end there. Only from us you can buy a large selection of minerals. We also have a wide range of books. And the icing on the cake of our unique Dino Shop are souvenirs from the world of Karel Zeman, the artist and director of the famous film Journey to Prehistory.

You can find the Dino photo point at the entrance to the Dino Shop. In the fun Dino photo point, you can take a picture with a terrifying T-rex for only CZK 49. Not only will you print a great photo as a souvenir, but you will also receive a short video from us, which you can show off to others. You definitely don't have such a photo or video yet!

Do you have any question or problem with your online ticket? Just contact us on Please prepare your email which you have used during the shopping process.

When ordering your ticket online, there may be a time delay in the delivery of your ticket to your email inbox caused by Ticketportal or your email service provider.

If you have purchased an online ticket for Dinosaurs VR or The Lost Lab and due to unforeseen events you are unable to attend, please contact us in advance at

Yes, discounted family admission can be purchased on site and online. The 2+2 family ticket is valid for 2 adults and 2 children aged 6-18.

The VR family ticket is valid for 4 people regardless of age.

Yes, the discounted combo ticket is valid for 1 VR game and museum entry. The discounted combination ticket can be used for the museum and VR game room.

Additional VR games can only be purchased at a discounted price at the cash desk on the day the game is ordered for the full price.