A gift from the Dino Shop is sure to excite

A gift from the Dino Shop is sure to excite

Pick up presents for your tree at our Dino Shop. It will stun you with its enormous selection of dino toys—and other toys too.

Looking for an original Christmas gift for your children? Stop by our Dino Shop. You can pick up Schleich hand-painted figures, dinosaurs and dragons, horses, and other animals. The legendary LEGO sets. We also have absolutely world-class SES creativity and education toys. As well as board and card games, puzzles, and the great Clementoni teaching toys. If you’re seeking something truly new and original, we recommend exclusive items from our Dinosauria Museum Prague lection. We offer t-shirts, oring books, matching games, pencils, snack boxes, bottles, teddies, and more. That’s just a taste of what the Dino Shop has in store. We also offer a unique ion of minerals. And a wide ion of books. And a cherry on top – souvenirs from the magical dino-filed world of Czech artist and filmmaker Karel Zeman and his famous Journey to the Beginning of Time.

And one more dino delight: Don’t forget to stop by the fun-filled Dino Photo Point by the entrance to the Dino Shop, where you can get your picture taken with the terrifying T. rex. Then you can print out a super photo to remember the moment by, and even get a short video you can show off to others. We bet you don’t have any other photos or videos quite like this!

You’ll find the Dino Shop at the end of Dinosauria Prague Museum. 


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