Travel 80 million years back in time to the Mesozoic Era, when dinosaurs ruled our planet. On your adventure, you’ll meet Ankylosauruses and Triceratopses, fly with Pteranodons over the Mesozoic landscape with a lava-spewing volcano, and experience a terrifying face-to-face encounter with the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex. The virtual game won’t be a cakewalk - get ready for a deep forest.

Watch closely

Searching for clues

In the game, you become a member of a scientific research team with the goal of tracking down a legendary dinosaur species whose appearance has been debated by scientists for decades. You need to lect as much information as you can about the dinosaur, such as footprints in the mud, pieces of skin or blood samples, to piece together its appearance. It’ll be helpful if each team member looks in a different direction during the expedition.

Engage all your senses

5D experience

The immersive game experience is made possible by 5D realistic sensory effects technology. Whichever way you turn, you can see the beauty of the Mesozoic forest and hear the sounds of fear-inducing animals. You look around to see where the dreaded Tyrannosaurus rex will attack from. The wind in your hair and the radiating heat of an active volcano leave you in no doubt that you are indeed flying over the Mesozoic landscape.

Put on your goggles and step back in time.

number of players working together in a team

space to move freely in the game

length of virtual reality adventure

the game is not violent – it is suitable for the whole family