Maximum Safety with uS

maximum Safety with uS

We are meters ahead of everyone else in safety. Thanks to our generous space, 2 people normally have up to 100 m2 to themselves.

We do everything to ensure the safety of your shopping experience. We adhere to the 3Rs rule, we check the medical fitness of our staff, we disinfect and clean common areas more extensively and there are plenty of disinfectant dispensers available. Disinfectant dispensers are also available for you in every store. But unlike the others, we have one huge extra advantage. The advantage is the above-standard generous space of our center, which covers an area of almost 31,000 m². This means that 2 customers in our center normally have up to 100 m² to themselves. So if you decide to go shopping even in these difficult times, we will be happy to welcome you. With all the safety measures and exceptional space, we are the ultimate safe place for you and your best value shopping at outlet prices.

Generous spaces, our huge advantage

Our shopping center is the size of five football fields! The total area of retail space exceeds an incredible 19,000 m². Airy aisles, boulevards and squares built in the of the alleys of Old Prague cover an area of almost 12,000 m²! Thanks to this gigantic space, 2 customers normally have up to 100 m² to themselves. And of course you can easily keep a distance of 2 meters from other visitors.

New special fragrances disinfect the air

Our shopping center is not only beautiful to look at, it even smells good. This is because we treat the air with pleasant and fresh fragrances from New Aroma. However, they are not ordinary fragrances, they are almost miraculous fragrances, because thanks to a unique technology they counteract viruses and bacteria. The scented air will not only delight your senses, but also make you feel a little safer while shopping. And that is our goal.

Your safety comes first also at Dinosaur VR

We pay maximum attention to hygiene and carefully disinfect the glasses after each participant in the game. We also regularly disinfect all play areas. There is also hand disinfection at the entrance.

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